Saturday, August 18, 2012

Funny Animated Take on "Hum Tum Shabana" Song
Part 1 & 2 - Need to watch one after another for complete song.
Shabana 1 by sharit_sinha on GoAnimate

Shabana 2 by sharit_sinha on GoAnimate

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bad Movies - 1

Hi Readers (if there are any),

I am not really back... but sometimes I just get this urge to write and this is the only venting channel available to me, so there...

Well, I was reading Memsaab's blog and was really inspired by a non-Indian's sweet and funny take on Indian movies. And since I am watching Mr. India while I am writing, its bringing out all the good stuff in me!

What's the worst Indian movie? Well, there are a lot, like any other movie industry (yes, Hollywood, I will eventually attack you too). Right now, the first name that popped in my mind is - "Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani".

Well, what do I write about it? A bag-full of average and above-average actors (not counting Sonu Nigam, he IS NOT an actor) doesn't necessarily make a good movie. It actually helps if there is a story...most of the time. Bollywood always had a tendency to take inspirations from Hollywood movies. And people don't complain if they can pull it off, even at least 50% of the actual stuff. But... dear God... Jaani Dushman takes exact scenes from Terminator 2, Matrix, Nightmare On Elm Street... and doesn't even bother to add believable computer graphics... just lets completely different stories and copied action sequences and pointless songs, to just mesh among each other - effectively turning it into an emulsion!

The basic story is somewhat like this - centuries ago Manisha Koirala was a shape-shifting snake (isn't she still one?) along with her soulmate Armaan Kohli. They loved each other very much and boy, did they love to dance! But Amrish Puri, an extremely old and powerful human saint, who was busy in meditation, went angry when the snake couple danced on the roof above his head. Well, duh, anybody would! Anyway, Amrish Puri curses Manisha to die on sunset leaving Armaan alone for the rest of his life. They beg for mercy and Amrish, who is a softy as we all know, graciously lets Armaan live inside a tree for next hundred/thousand (who cares) years while waiting for Manisha to be re-born. He also lets him generate inexplicable powers to face his foes in the new era.

Well, the new era is really bad! Manisha is now in college (yes she looks very young!), along with her variable-age friend-group, a stubborn atheist Akshay Kumar, an always angry Suniel Shetty, a poor romeo Aftab Shivdasani, a rich brat Aditya Pancholi, a huge stock of jokes Arshad Warsi, Sharad Kapoor, Rambha and a lot of indistinguishable girls as their respective love interests. (Oh, I forgot Sonu Nigam... how could I??) . Well, Sonu is special in this story, since he doesn't have a love interest ( deserved it!!!) and is the younger step-brother of limitlessly strong Sunny Deol, who is the fiance of Manisha. There are also Rajat Bedi & Sidhharth Ray, who though in the same friend group, but are always looking for ways to rape Manisha. Yes, they have beautiful ambitions... young people, I tell you!!!

When Sunny is away in a business trip, Armaan appears and reminds Manisha of her snake life. But she is confused. Meanwhile, her friends plan for a picnic and the two potential rapists trick her by mimicking everybody's voice to invite her 1 hour earlier than everybody else. She arrives there, where they fulfill their dreams and Manisha commits a suicide, believing all of her friends betrayed her. Armaan vows revenge on everybody and starts killing them one by one, giving the director opportunities to steal action scenes.

Well, that's pretty much it. People keep dying and singing songs and dying... until Sonu is the last one. Sunny comes back and kicks butt in Arnold style and a happy ending follows, well at least for the people who are still alive.

I cannot imagine how ashamed and embarrassed would actors like Akshay kumar, Sunny Deol have felt after watching the movie themselves! Well, maybe not, because they seem to have been making similarly tasteless movies in recent times anyway.

Anyway, I still dare you to watch this ... at a stretch ... without break!! Let me know if you did!

I will continue next posts with a few other such terrible movies! Until then...

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Have you ever felt that the worthless pieces of your everyday boring routine life can actually be pieces of your actual dream? Have you ever had this lightning moment - when every little stupid meaningless thing you have been doing every single day starts to make huge sense? As if it was all a part of fate's wheel - slowly revealing itself to you! So slowly, that you can only see an arc of the wheel at a moment!

Wow... I just had it today... I don't know why, but I feel like my life is going to change from today...

It has to... I have to.

Monday, January 24, 2011

SFO Pics

A few pics ... just a preview...!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Helping Out

Just helping out a friend.... not in mood to write blog anymore....


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 38: Long Leave

Yeah, long leave.... post-exam laziness...I hope you understand.

Watched a few good movies in between. But won't describe any today, it sounds like another IMDB. I don't know how to liven up the blog... if anybody has any suggestions I can of course take them in.

I just want to share with everybody whenever I watch a good movie, specially when it's not that popular or didn't get its due credit. Moreover, I can feel what movie is good for which mood... and I want to tune that up for you too... but you gotta interact with me... otherwise this blog is gonna die.

Anyway, I watched Defendor. A good drama movie, that has all the potentials of being a flop and I guess it was, too.

Then, I took care of Pet Detective Jr., it was a long due. Josh Flitter is lovely! Just like he was in Nancy Drew and The Greatest Game Ever Player. But the bad thing was they didn't show even a picture of Jim Carrey... no tribute to the trendsetter!

About the exam... 56 is pass marks, and I will get 57 at least, as far as I calculated. It's a heavy calculation, out of the 2 hours, half an hour went in calculating the positive and negative marks I am going to get. Two exams in one! Kraznocks!

There is a new trend in my home right now, every Saturday I am putting up a show for Harry Potter movies... for my mom and sister. It has been a month now and we are really enjoying this routine. Both of them like Harry Potter but haven't seen most of the movies, at least not at a stretch. And I can watch movies any number of times... so lets not count me.

Well... I will be logging out now. Nothing else comes to mind.. Bye. :))

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 33: Exams and Re-exams

Exams bore me. If it's easy, I will just finish as fast as I can and storm out. If it's hard, I will sit there and laugh at myself, literally. Anybody would've guessed that I am having a good exam when they see me smiling, but it's just the opposite.

After all that, when I fail in one, it's a torture to sit in a re-test. It always starts with the feeling, that I already had flunked in this, what better can I do this time? It's not like my habit of studying has suddenly improved or somebody has just downloaded the whole course electronically in my memory.

It gets even better when I am not attending any lectures and kind of home-studying, from a crappy book with terrible mistakes, that only a 2nd Std kid is capable of.

Pretty much of a mess.

So, with the hope of passing it this time, I will get into the functional part of this blog.

Today's movie - In & Out.

Howard Brackett (Kevin Kline) is a respected and liked English professor in a small Indiana town, engaged to Emily Montgomery (Joan Cusack). His small happy world falls apart when his former student, current year's Academy award nominee Cameron Drake (Matt Dillon) announces on his award winning speech that Howard - is gay!

Students start treating him like an alien, his colleagues ridicule him, to which he tries hard to reassure that he is a completely straight person, even to his fiance. But things go out of hand when reporters storm in the city to capture anything on this huge new gimmick.

With all that pressure, and continuously failing attempts to prove himself, he finally admits that he is, in fact, a gay... shockingly, between his wedding vows! Emily runs away, so does his job.

But he still has a chance to come out with the truth one more time, in the graduation ceremony, and ask everybody if being gay is such a crime, if his years of hard work is nothing compared to his sexual orientation, if one really has to go that far to hide his true self, because people might not accept him otherwise.

A truly funny and sensible movie about gays, that got Kevin Kline a nomination for the best actor category in Golden Globe.

This was actually my second movie of Kevin Kline... and I just loved it!

Hope you do too!